Priciest Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities really know where to splurge all their money on. With their money-generating talent, it’s pretty easy for them to yank out a credit card from their wallets. This is a list of some of the most bizarre celebrity buys that will surely make you swoon.

 1.James Cameron, Walnut Farm


Award-winning director James Cameron has an eye for cinema and has produced numerous box-office hits throughout his career. He is given credit for masterpieces like Avatar and Titanic. Unbeknownst to many, the director also has a sweet spot for nature since he is also known to be a staunch environmental advocate who supports numerous causes for the preservation of nature. With his massive net worth, Cameron was able to acquire a walnut farm in New Zealand. It has been reported that the farm spans around over two thousand acres of land. This expensive purchase came at a price point of a whopping twenty million dollars.

2.Miley Cyrus, Range Rover for Dogs

Fans may recognize Miley Cyrus for her electricity on stage every time she sings her heart out. Loyal fans also know that Miley is a real animal lover who goes through great lengths to please her beloved pets. It has been reported that the Party in the USA singer purchased a pricey Range Rover Sport that retailed at four hundred thousand dollars just for her dogs. The former Disney darling shared that the reason behind the luxurious purchase was out of the desire for her pampered pooches to have a car where they can leave their fur, blankets, and even scratches around.

3.Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Private Island in the Bahamas

Music legends Beyoncé and Jay-Z are definitely power couple goals. These two love birds have purchased a private island in the Bahamas that was reportedly priced at three million dollars. This was truly a dream come true for the famously secretive pair. The doting parents have always wanted a holiday destination for their brood to enjoy quietly. It’s pretty obvious that these stars really put a lot of investments when it comes to some quality alone time. It’s pretty understandable since the world practically keeps tabs on this famous family.

4.Kanye West, Burger King Franchise

Not a lot of people know that celebrity couple and media favorite Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are actual owners of Burger King branches spread all throughout Europe in places like Italy, United Kingdom, and France. This was a wedding present from Ye to his bride which cost him around ten million dollars. This purchase is among the many business investments the couple have. Kanye shared that getting into the franchising business can help Kim thrive outside the reality TV industry.

5.Céline Dion, Humidifier

Award-winning singer Céline Dion made headlines when she shelled out around two million dollars for a humidifier. The singer has been known for making various splurges throughout her career. To many, her investments may seem bizarre but for a stellar performer like Dion getting the best things out of life is what she really deserves. It’s not a secret that performers like her can feel exhausted on stage so a humidifier is definitely the way to go for someone who needs an extra pick-me-up. A quality pampering session is a great way to release all those performance jitters, afterall. Getting a humidifier can be the best thing a celebrity can ever bring around.

6.Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Luxury Van

Jay-Z is popular for his expansive collection of luxury wheels. His wife, Beyonce has also established herself as quite the collector herself. The songstress opts for more family-friendly vehicles however which is a perfect decision since their family is already growing. Being the luxury queen that she is, Beyonce doesn’t skimp out on glam when it comes to vans. The Flawless singer had her pricey Mercedes Benz Limousine customized which allowed the Grammy award winner to travel in both comfort and style. Moms and car aficionados alike can credit Beyonce for her taste for the practical and finer things in life.