Barack Obama & Michelle Obama – $140 Million

Barack and Michelle Obama are not just one of the power couples in the US, but a former first couple, too. Everybody knows Barack for being the former President of the US from 2009 to 2017. He gets the credit for being ranked the eighth greatest American President by the American Political Science Association after a 2018 survey.

On the other hand, Michelle is the former First Lady, who has effortlessly captured the world with her wit and works for the country. In fact, after their service in the White House, her influence has remained high. She even topped Gallup’s poll of the “most admired woman” in the US for three consecutive years. Michelle is an advocate of many causes, from poverty awareness to education, nutrition, and more. She is also a fashion icon. With their names and works for the country, Barack and Michelle have secured $140 million net worth.