Check Out These Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Single Or Haven’t Tied The Knot Yet!

Most people plan to marry their one true love, and some chose to live a celibate life. As finding romance itself is complicated, so is marriage. It is a lifelong commitment that entails constant hard work, communication, and lots of patience – these are the very definition of holy matrimony and the reason it is a called vocation. Complex as it is, some people are not up for that.
Many believe that celebrities have the advantage of finding love easier. Good-looking, charismatic, and successful with a high credit score – these are what make celebs suitable for a happy-ever-after. Well, they beg to differ! In fact, they have it harder to maintain a relationship. Their lifestyle and fame always get in the way of their happiness. Living under the spotlight is a grueling place for relationships to exist. Those who carry on a relationship for a lifetime are considered lucky and gems in a rough. As many fail to live up to the demands of married life and experience the tragedy and drama of failed marriages, some take it as a cue that staying single is a better option in life. As some celebs share the same sentiments, here is a list of celebrities and personalities who are surprisingly single.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly a prominent American actress, musician, dancer, fashion model, entrepreneur, and a socialite of Hollywood. In all, she has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and today she is considered one of the significant league A-listers. In 2003, she founded her high-styled fashion label, JLO, as an investment for her future. The actress’ depiction as a professional drag queen paid off, with the biggest opening weekend total of her live-action career, which came in 2003 when she achieved a huge earning.

Jennifer is a recipient of many awards, including the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, the Screen Actors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. While she has these many achievements, Jennifer is now single. She recently broke up with Alex Rodriguez, and what’s worse is that the ex-couple have been engaged for two years.