Carmelo Anthony and La Vazquez – $99 Million

Any union between a pro-athlete and a Hollywood personality is guaranteed to stir interest in the media. Such was the case with Portland Trail Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony and TV personality La La Vazquez.

According to sources, it was the pro-basketball star who made the first move. Apparently, Carmelo was crushing hard on La La that he enlisted a mutual friend’s help to introduce them. Thankfully, La La felt the same way, and the two ended up engaged in 2004. While making marriage plans, the couple welcomed their first child in March of 2007. Six years after getting engaged, Carmelo and La La finally decided to get married in 2010. The ceremony was such a spectacle that it even aired on VH1. Since then, the couple has explored several investments and now has a combined net worth of around $99 million. Their marriage may not be perfect, but they sure did well with their finances.